Monday, August 5, 2013

Random Confessions...

1. It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything… I’m sure you can only guess why!
2. I had a million confessions going through my head and now that I’m sitting down in front of the computer my mind is blank!
3. I wish I had a computer in my shower… *see # 2*
4. I keep wondering why I go around in circles ending up right back where I started…
5. This morning to avoid heading out to the gym Jeremy and I walked circles around each other cleaning up stuff in the kitchen.
6. My kitchen is quite small.
7. I really want to move out of my small house into something bigger with a yard.
8. I’m tired of the same old same old and ready for something new.
9. Right now I’m very motivated and I worry how long it will last… I hope a very long time but worry it won’t… *see #4*
10. I just googled “clean eating” and they have a website called “Eating Clean For Dummies”
11. I’m on that website now…
12. I really wish I had a garden *see #7*
13. I love making lists… I’m horrible at actually accomplishing the tasks on them!
14. I’m intrigued by quinoa but am not brave enough to try it.
15. I’m still googling clean eating.
16. An older gentleman said to me at work today, “If I had any money I’d do business with you, girl!”
17. I work at a bank.
18. I’m still slightly confused as to how to take the above statement…
19. I’m still going back and forth as to if I want to start posting regularly or not… If I did I think I will incorporate more of my personal family life in as well. My workouts tend to be redundant and I don’t want to post the same things over and over!
20. Here goes nothing!

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